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Beiei -- a leading commercial data research and essential services agency in this field, commitment to enterprise data collection, collation, analysis and mining. Collaboration with international data companies,  providing accurate information on global industries & international buyers.

Based on cutting-edge infomation technology,  our data-products series will help you enter a new marketing area.

At the same time, Beiei constantly improve our services to rich the value of database,  so you can enjoy a high level data services in a low cost.   If have more questions, please submit online.

Products Induction

• Industries Directory
Including China's various industries information, 42 major categories,  more than 100000 products, provided in the form of CD. Clear navigation will help you quickly find the products you need.

• Region Data
Directories of 34 provinces show you characteristics of China regional  data. These products are also provided in the form of CD,    and click the product name you can see more information about the region.

• Buyers Info
Which are about the contact informations of global buyers and importers, in the form of books. Under the import and export commodity classification, it has 28 big classes and more than 400 subclasses.    also by continent and country for sale.

• Yellow Pages
Yellow pages of different provinces or business industries, published by the telecommunications sector,     can provide telephone and address inquiries.

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Shanghai Beiei Technology Co., Ltd.

Room 701, E.S.I.T Plaza, 1877 Pudong South Road, Shanghai. 200122
Tel: 4006169600

The Law Areas about Print

Beiei style books products all use modern printing technology customizing according to customer needs. Each printed in a unit, not involved in the law areas of publication, volume copy and printing.

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